Glasshaus Hill Top Bead Shop: Apricale (Liguria), Italy

Purveyors of unique, beautiful, high quality beads from around the globe in both Europe and the US since 1990… Lily and Tim’s newest project, Glasshaus, continues the tradition started by the couple’s brand Beaded Lily, by continuing to offer a tantalizing, eclectic selection of interesting beads and jewelry making components from the world’s best bead making centers. Focusing especially on items made in Italy, the Czech Republic, Austria, France, the US, the Far East… And of course, on their own lines of designer jewelry and lampwork beads made lovingly by hand, right here in their Ligurian studio!

Wife and husband owners Lily Morda and Tim James are artisans (Jewelry Designer and Glass Bead Maker, respectively) and entrepreneurs. They began their journey together in the US in the late 1990’s, but have now lived in Europe for 15+ years, the bulk of that time in Italy.

After many years in Tuscany (Lucca, then Florence), and in Brighton, England, you’ll now find them and their studio, which is open to the public by prior appointment, in the medieval hill-town of Apricale, Italy. Located in the coastal region of Liguria in the uppermost northwest corner of the country, this spectacular area offers a wealth of riches: The French and Italian Riviera beaches, the Ligurian Alps, charming hill towns nestled among forested hills… truly breathtaking.  So, if you come for a visit to the shop or to take a workshop with us, be sure to give yourself plenty of time to explore this magical area as well!

Missing Madam Z: Read Chapter 1

Missing Madam Z is an on-going interactive mystery / Living Novel written by our own in-house designer, Lily Morda. The story’s characters, settings and themes have inspired her new collection of one-of-a-kind hand made jewelry and decorative artifacts. Many pieces will be added to the collection as the story grows and unfolds… so do stay tuned!

Missing Madam Z

Memoir of Cate Morelli, in regards to the disappearance of Madam Z

Chapter 1

When I woke up that morning, all I could think about was having a cup of coffee and a hot bath.

It was a bleak Tuesday in New York in November, a grey-washed day like any other. Or so I thought. I soaked in my chipped, remnant claw-foot tub, its hot steam swirling and co-mingling with the aura-cleansing smoke of the sandalwood incense burning nearby. I sipped my freshly brewed coffee and as my body relaxed, my thoughts turned to the day’s tasks ahead. The mental list that I created was short and succinct. Stop at the post office to pick up a package. Drop off some books at the library. Buy a new set of strings for my lute, and, most importantly, go to my regular appointment in the East Village with Madam Z, at 2PM.

I had started having sessions with Madam Z about six months earlier, and since then my life seemed to take on more dimension…more meaning…more…intrigue. What had just seemed like routine or random occurrences to me before had begun to take on on a more abstract, almost luminous quality, as I sought to find meaning in even the most mundane events and encounters…

Sterling Silver Charms

A MUST For The Creative-Minded!

Italian Tubular Wire Mesh Ribbon

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A Truly Unique Line!

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Glasshaus Hill Top Bead Shop: Apricale (Liguria), Italy

Glasshaus Hill Top Bead Shop: Apricale (Liguria), Italy


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